Metal Roofing


Southern IL’s #1 certified installer of metal roofs: Classic Rib, Standing Seam, Steel Shingles. Members of the Metal Roofing Alliance – Your property deserves the protection.

Classic Rib Panels

aka: agricultural panels, r-panel or pole barn roofing. 36″ wide panels with exposed washer head screws. These panels are normally 29 gauge, but are available in 26 gauge as well. We install horizontal purlins attached to the rafters and install the panels to these to provide a good substrate for the screws. This system is great in certain applications, but isn’t a lifetime metal like the others. The main crutch is the exposed screw. It has a rubber washer that will go out, usually not for 15-20 years. Luckily, if the roof is installed correctly, changing the screws will provide another 15-20 years of reliable service. This is the most affordable of the metal roofs, but still more than asphalt shingles in most cases.

Stone Coated Steel Shingles

Stone Coated Steel Shingles look great, offer a long life, and they are more durable than other types of metal! Stone Coated Steel Shingles are a 26 gauge chunk of steel that has been stamped into the form of a shingle, wood shake, or tile. They add a corrosion resistant coating on both sides and then bake on the acrylic coated granules. This is the best shingle available because it’s lightweight yet very durable, having the highest hail resistance available, it’s energy efficient and recyclable, and has a 50 year warranty.  With a variety of looks it can drastically change your curb appeal, plus any variety will raise a home’s value.

Selling your home in 10-20 years? This is a roof that will still look great, increase the visibility of your home on the market, and have a lot of life left in it.

“Standing Seam”  (Top of page picture)

Metal panels ranging from 12″ to 18″ wide, 24 or 26 gauge. The panel is fastened loosely on the side, allowing the panel to “float” from a single tight attachment point. We hem the metal over the bottom drip edge and other details which protects against wind uplift and moisture. This is a lifetime roofing system, and if installed correctly will have minimal maintenance. The paint warranty is 45 years. We have a great selection of tools that help us effectively install this system. If your thinking about going solar, this is a great system that can actually save you on solar installation costs!


Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum panels that lock together to form a great roofing system. This system is expensive but it will continue to perform well beyond 100 years if installed correctly. This picture isn’t ours, as we don’t push this system due to expense, and it’s easier to damage than a stone coated steel shingle. We can also get aluminum standing seam panels.


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